10 Reasons To Stay in Hostels

It drives me crazy every time my friends ask me why I stay in hostels. In america there is this stigma with first time travelers that hostels are unsafe, dirty, and uncomfortable. However, if you ask anyone who has traveled and experienced hostels, you will find majority of the time, that they love hostels!

Whenever I travel, I try to stay exclusively in hostels. Hostels are innovative, packed with thrill seeking millennials, incredibly cheap, and make you feel at home. Anyone who has experienced staying in hostels, will agree with my top ten reasons for staying in hostels!


1. Meet new people

Life is all about relationships. In fact everything that we do in life is a relationship. Staying in hostels, forces you to meet new people and learn about new cultures. From staying in hostels you will have a network of friends from across the globe to keep in touch with. Not to mention, if you want to visit their country, you might have a free place to stay! In addition, when you stay in a hostel, you will find new people to explore the city with! I spent a week with the lovely Brits in the picture below exploring Buenos Aires and learning all about England and their obsession with Pubs and the movie Love Actually.



2. Free Breakfast

Not only are hostels incredibly cheap, but many of them come with free breakfast. For $5- $15 a night and free breakfast, you cant go wrong.

3. They Save You Time

Every hostel I have stayed at has provided me with the best information about the town and different day tours I could do. In addition, I never worry about planning what to do because every time you arrive at a hostel, you have a vast network of millennials eager to tell you the best things to do in town! All you have to do is ask.

4. They Are Clean

Believe it or not, hostels tend to be relatively clean. You will always have clean sheets and clean showers. I have never stayed in a dirty hostel. The internet has eliminated the ability of hostels to slack out on sanitation. I only book hostels on hostelworld.com  and read the reviews. If you stay in a well reviewed hostel and do not go for the cheapest hostel, you will find your stays extremely nice and clean!

5. Party, Party

If your looking to go out at night and party but do not want to go alone, hostels are the place to be. Every night, there are new people looking to go out and party! One of my best experiences traveling was going to a party on the side of a volcano with four people I met from Israel, Brazil, Belgium, and Holland!


6. Business Networking

Okay I know this sounds ridiculous but in fact you can make valuable connections in Hostels. One night in Cusco I got back to my hostel at 3am from a night out (sorry mom) and went to the lounge where a group of friends were playing the guitar and singing. I started chatting with them and we had a great couple hours together before going to bed. We exchanged our contact information and went our separate ways. The next month, I saw one of the individuals now works for Google in Ireland and after reaching out to him he told me that if I ever visited he would give me a tour of their headquarters. You never know who your going to meet or when your global connections can help your career!

7. Unusual Accommodation’s

Every hostel is unique and most hostels have themes. I have been to a tree house on the side of a volcano and slept in a building made completely of shipping containers. Its never the same experience at any two hostels.

8. Free Wi-Fi

Wifi is one of the most important things to millennials and hostels understand that.Most hostels I have stayed at have free and great Wifi.  Many times hostels actually have better Wifi than hotels.

9. Guest Kitchens

Oppose to staying in hotels, hostels offer guest kitchens equipped with all the tools needed to cook if you are on a tight budget or missing a home cooked meal. Not to mention some hostels offer great community meals that allow you to meet more people!

10. Hostels Make You Open to Experiences 

Lastly, staying in hostels opens you up to new experiences and new adventures. If I didn’t stay in hostels, I never would have went to an active volcano or partied until 6:00 am in Lima (again sorry mom). Honestly, if it wasn’t for hostels, I wouldn’t enjoy traveling as much as I do and I would not have made so many amazing friends across the globe that I can go visit now.


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